The Seminoles squared off and scored often at home against the Mainland Buccaneers in this edition of Flashback Friday Football. The Seminoles played a strong ground game spread across multiple players for 214 rushing yards in this matchup. The Seminoles started strong with back-to-back touchdowns in the first quarter to quickly put them up 14-0. Undaunted, senior QB Theodore Lockley answered with a 75-yard bomb for a Buccaneer touchdown.

In the second, the Seminoles took advantage of a Buccaneers missed field goal and an interception to bolster their lead with another score to take a comfortable 21-7 halftime lead. Seminoles’ senior Jimmy Horn added another touchdown in the third, and Sergio Diaz kicked a field goal in the fourth to top off Seminole scoring.

The Buccaneers attempted a comeback in the fourth with a touchdown and a fumble recovery, but the clock worked against them as they fell to the Seminoles 31-14.

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